МОТОКЛУБ "DRIVE" г. Коломна Московская область

Ну нифига себе! 48-и цилиндровый мотоцикл!
Пишут, что он еще даже и ездить может!

48 cylinder motorcycle engine. 

This is guaranteed not photoshopped.

It is a 48 cylinder, 4200cc engine made from s1/kh250 cylinders, by Simon Whitlock.

"Each motor is basically 8 "s1 /KH250" cylinders bolted on to cut up standard casings, with a 8 cyl built up crank, in turn they are bolted to a housing, gear linked and driven thru a BMW road bike gearbox, as the bike is pretty long already it would be difficult to put a transverse drive thru a gearbox. It has taken almost three years of hard work and he has overcome some huge problems to get here - - where do you even start to think about building a bike like this? . . . Oh, by the way, Simon is not an engineer of any kind - he oversees the building of shopping precincts etc

Don't look at it as a bike, look at it as a pure feat of engineering . . . and Simon built a Nitrous injected, fuel injected, water cooled, supercharged H1 about 5 years ago! . . . . How will he top this one? He can't - WHO CAN? I think as you say, his next project may be reverting back to a small engine and gaining the maximum horsepower from it "

"The bike has a small 75cc "Donkey" engine undr the seat to start it."

"The ignition is by 6 x 8cyl E-Type Jaguar distributers."

"Oh, and not only does it run - but it is rideable - JUST! - the engine and box alone weight just over a ton! "

Оригинал заметки лежит тута - http://www.bigbikeriders.com/48cyl.htm


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